Periel Aschenbrand “On My Knees”

OnMyKneesOkay so my Jewish New Year’s resolution is to read more and I figured to accomplish this goal reading one book a month is feasible. By the way, I had this goal thought of back in August, and I tested myself by reading a book then which I am absolutely delighted to share with you. I saw the title and just had to…


Allow me to introduce you to Periel Aschenbrand’s newest book, “On My Knees, A Memoir.”

It’s Israel summertime hot mixed with everything you wouldn’t want a Jewish mother to know, says me.”

Aschenbrand takes you beyond just living the single-life in Jew York City but into the roller coaster of a ride her life turned into, whether it was frozen pizza after frozen pizza on her grandparents plastic covered couch, or her love of Israel, and of course the sexy men there, splattered with Jewish culture.

She’s like every girl out there, she has that slightly guy-obsessed mental friend, more bad relationships than fingers, and yet still manages to be one hell of a go getter. Aschenbrand isn’t afraid to say it how it is, which probably is a trait from her Israeli mother.

Periel Aschenbrand is a writer, designer, and the creative director of House of Exposure but according to her website “she really wants to be a criminal profiler for the FBI or a stand up comedian.”

So, if you think Chelsea Handler and Sarah Silverman are a hoot, than I would insist downloading all of Periel Aschenbrand’s books, especially “On My Knees” because that late night party life you just atoned for can be lived out through her story and not your credit card this year.



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