Timelessly traditional

By Megan Roth

Megan Featherston’s living room blends modern and traditional by pairing traditional furniture with pops of color and fun wallpaper. While a living room mirror can feel traditional, Featherston’s circular, gold mirror invites a contemporary feel into the space.
Photo / Megan Featherston

While some decor trends come and go, traditional interior design has stood the test of time.

Characterized by elegant and classic furniture, warm tones and vintage pieces, traditional decor makes a space feel comfortable and almost familiar. There’s a sense of home upon walking into a traditionally decorated room.

Megan Featherston, CEO and founder of VNTG Home in Cleveland, brings this timeless scene to life in her Cleveland Heights home. 

“Living with old things is important,” she says. “They knew how to do it hundreds and hundreds of years ago, why change it now?” 

Traditional doesn’t have to mean dated, and Featherston recommends ways to incorporate modernity into traditionalism. It can be as subtle as adding a white trim to a room or swapping out a chandelier for a contemporary light fixture, and as drastic as adding a bright rug or wallpaper. Updating the staining of the floor can also modernize a space, she says. She recommends gold fixtures, as they make a space feel warm and luxurious. 

Featherston pairs vintage furniture with a modern rug.
Photo / Megan Roth

To ensure continuity, Featherston recommends any updates prioritize reworking pre-existing elements of a home. She still maintains the original wood trim from her home built in 1915.

Dark wood trim has stuck with the home since it was built in 1915. It is complemented by other traditional elements like a built-in bookcase and curved leather seats. The ethereal blue modernizes the room, contrasting the classic elements to give them more emphasis.
Photo / Megan Featherston

Finally, don’t be afraid to incorporate your personality into a space.

“Your home doesn’t have to feel so serious,” Featherston says.

Small bird fixtures bring personality and life into Featherston’s home.
Photo / Megan Featherston

VNTG Home, Featherston’s 60,000-square-foot warehouse, specializes in traditional-style furnishings. Located at 1235 Marquette St., on Cleveland’s east side, the store offers a range of antique furniture, interior design services and more than 1,000 fabric options for those looking to reupholster vintage furnishings. 

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