Secular Girl ‘Pied’
While Attempting to Flirt with Hot Yeshiva Boy

Uploaded to Instagram last Thursday, Sept. 26, On Simchat Torah, a Secular girl gets pied while attempting to flirt with a hot Yeshiva boy at Shul

(WARNING: Contains offensive language)

Simchat Torah celebrates the rejoicing of the Torah, the ending cycle and the new cycle, and immediately follows Sukkot. The festivities include reading the Torah in the evening, dancing and singing. It is a holiday that deserves much celebration, and that celebration includes alcoholic beverages. Take 20 Hillel students and an open bar, and you have one big Simcha.

So, with that said, how could a Jewish girl resist a tall, dark and handsome Spanish-Hebrew-English speaking Yeshiva boy all the way from South America? As it is not custom at all for them to speak, and could even be looked at as offensive, apparently this big mouthed girl had a lot of chutzpah.

Oh wait, that secular girl flirting with the hot Yeshiva boy who got pied, was me. Maybe Joe Francis and I can team up to make “Jewish Girls Gone Wild.”



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