Israeli Start-up WeissBeerger, Ltd. Makes Beer Smart

From iPhones to television to cars, everything in our world is becoming “smart,” but who ever knew that our beer would be?

The Israeli start-up WeissBeerger Ltd. has invented an alcohol monitoring system that will allow customers to serve themselves and save bars all over the world a few bucks.

Omer Agiv, CEO of WeissBeergers Ltd., explained in an article to Globe , Israel’s English daily business publication, that customers will be able to pour themselves chilled beer anytime as the tap will keep track of how much beer is poured for which customer. At the end of the night, the machine will print the customer’s receipt, and customers can pay at the bar.

“This idea,” Agiv said, “increased bar sales and led to the creation of our system, which provides automated monitoring of consumption at bars.”

The technology behind their invention comes from  AlcoholAnalytics, “a beer consumption behavior analytics dashboard” that will allow bars and breweries to measure consumption statistics and trends, according to the company’s website.

The product’s first version allowed customers to pour their own beer and pay per liter, rather than by the number of glasses. Agiv said because the technology has increased consumption by 120%, a need for WeissBeerger’s products has incresed.

WeissBeerger Ltd. products don’t stop here.

Imagine being able to be at the pub with your friends and pour your own shots. Oh wait, you now can thank the WeissPour. Just like the WeissTap, the WeissPour measures each pour and has customers pay by the milliliter. When the consumer is finished enjoying his or her night out, the bartender simply prints the receipt because WeissPour electronically keeps track of the amount poured and consumed by bar patons. It’s that simple!


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