Funny Weiner Headlines

New York City mayorial candidate Anthony Weiner and Zorro-like, suave Latino Carlos Danger may be one in the same.

Gossip site The Dirty, reported last week that Weiner used a Yahoo account with the pseudonym “Carlos Danger” to email photos of his family jewels—a fact that Weiner has not confirmed or denied.

Weiner’s “alter ego” made the headlines of newspapers across the country, prompting punch line after punch line about not only the the political figure’s cyber identity but also his last name.

Check out the best ones below.

Weiner resigned from Congress in May 2011 after sending a link to a sexually suggestive photograph of himself via his public Twitter account to a woman who was one of his followers. Weiner said after the scandal broke, other photos and texts may come to the surface. Last week, may have been the time.

Weiner’s campaign manager, Danny Kedem, quit July 28 amidst the new sexting revelations.

4 comments to “Funny Weiner Headlines”
4 comments to “Funny Weiner Headlines”
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  4. The headlines are funny! It is hard to believe that this guy decided to run for the Mayor’s office after a disgraceful resignation from congress in 2011. He certainly has given a LOT of material to the comedians !!

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