Wedding day makeup: What brides should consider

By Becky Raspe

From the wedding dress to shoes and hair, details add up to tell a cohesive story for a bride’s big day. Kelly Miron, owner of The Powder Room Makeup Oasis & Boutique in Woodmere, says one of the most important parts of a bride’s full wedding plan is her makeup. With that in mind, Miron says there are a few things brides should consider when determining their look.

What is your go-to approach to wedding makeup?

Miron: It definitely has everything to do with a bride’s overall idea. You want to have a picture of the dress, first and foremost. The dress is going to set the theme of the wedding. Whether that is romantic, traditional or funky, the dress tells you everything. I always ask for pictures of the venue and their wedding party colors. The more information a bride can give me about her day, the better I can create a look and discuss it with her.

How can a bride and her team balance a timeless, classic look with today’s trends?

Miron:I think you need to be really careful with trends on your wedding day. You can look dated very quickly. I tend to go classic with my brides, but there is no one size fits all. There are some people who have a specific look for all of their clients, but I can’t do the same look on you that I would do on someone else. That is why you do a trial, so the bride can go back and ask for opinions and make sure she is comfortable with that look. 

What should a bride tell her makeup artist in advance to make sure the look works?

Miron:Complete honesty is key when you are choosing your makeup artist. You are both going to be spending a very long day together. So, you want to make sure this person gets you and knows what you want and are looking for. I do stray away from pictures as reference though, as the best thing to keep in mind is sticking close to who you are as a person. Don’t do anything super drastic. You won’t feel like yourself.

How do you balance a look the bride is comfortable in, but also camera ready?

Miron: There is a lot of talking off the ledge, so to speak, that I have to do. You have people who aren’t used to wearing makeup, but I have to be able to apply it in a certain way. They say they don’t wear foundation, but I say, ‘this is the day you will and thank me for it later.’ This is what it goes back to – you’ll look at those pictures and think how flawless your skin looked.

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