How to achieve the wedding hair of your dreams

By Becky Raspe

Low bun updo with loose pieces and hairpin accessory hair style. | Lavish Color Salon

Brides spend a lot of time on their wedding day making sure everything about their look is perfect, especially when it comes to hair.

Whether it’s up or down, curled or pin straight, you won’t find a bride OK with a look that goes against her vision.

In order to achieve the wedding hair of your dreams, Rachel Loveland, designer and member of the bridal coordination team at Lavish Color Salon in Warrensville Heights, offers some advice.

Romantic wavy hair style with loose braids. | Lavish Color Salon

What is your general philosophy for choosing a wedding hair style?

Loveland:The ultimate goal for whenever we have a bride come in is always choosing the perfect silhouette. We want to make sure from every angle that she looks and feels the way she imagined she would for her big day, and a big part of that is her hair style.

Sleek low bun updo hair style. | Lavish Color Salon

What goes into conceptualizing a hair style?

Loveland: When a bride comes in with a specific style goal in mind, that makes it a lot simpler. But, we also have to take into account her natural texture, length, how it sits and how she styles it on a daily basis. If she doesn’t have a goal in mind, the big question we need to ask is what her dress looks like. We want to make sure we have a cohesive look. From there, we talk about whether she wants a full up or a full down, or somewhere in between, and how she typically wears her hair. Comfort is a big thing. There is a lot that goes into it, but it goes back to that perfect version of herself.

Romantic wavy hair style with loose braids. | Lavish Color Salon

What is trending right now?

Loveland:For the last few years, there has been a lean to the undone style, like more of a bohemian and loose-braided look. But within the last year or so, I’ve seen a shift to classic styling, but with a little bit more going into it. We’ve also seen the big 1940s blowout as well. So, the trends are shifting back to more styled looks.

Curled updo with loose pieces hair style. | Lavish Color Salon

What should brides avoid in terms of their hair to prevent disaster? What can they do in the event there is a problem?

Loveland: For the girls who do like a ton of styling, the biggest thing I do before all the brides leave, I have them do the jump test to make sure everything is in place. The jumping mimics the dancing, so if anything is tugging or slipping, we can take care of it right there. We also suggest the bridal party keeps a little bag of bobby pins with them just in case a piece slips or they lose a pin. We also send our brides out the door with little bottles of hair spray. It is anything they need to feel prepared.

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