Roger Waters’ concert: A big fat pig, machine guns, and Nazi-like uniforms

Former Pink Floyd rocker Roger Waters is one musician who isn’t afraid to voice his opinion on Israel.

Waters performed July 20 in Belgium wearing a black leather jacket with a red and white arm band, similar to that of a Nazi uniform, while pretending to fire a machine gun. The concert also featured a giant pig balloon floating above stage with the Star of David stamped all over it.

Waters has openly urged other performers to boycott Israel and has compared Israel’s occupation in the West Bank and Gaza Strip to the South African apartheid. The Anti-Defamation League said that Waters has a long history using  these symbols in his concerts, according to the Jerusalem Post.

“While we wish that Mr. Waters would have avoided using the Star of David, we believe there is no anti-Semitic intent here,” an ADL spokesman said. 



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