Munch Munch 2 Jews at Lunch: Number 1 Pho

20130812-114737.jpgIt’s that time of the month again when the JStyle girls, Maddie and Andria, venture out into the streets of Cleveland to find the best munch during your lunch that won’t make your wallet crunch!

This month our tastes buds took us into the heart of Vietnam, well actually into the heart of Vietnamese cuisine, but it felt like we were in Vietnam. For lunch this time, we chose Number 1 Pho, pronounced “Fuh” as we soon learned. Number 1 Pho is on the corner of Superior and 31st streets near downtown Cleveland.

Distracted by monster-truck tire sized bowls of noodles, chicken, greens and broth, (and a table of very attractive, young doctors) we barely looked at the menu before the waiter came over. Flabbergasted by how delicious the food looked, we chose our munch rather quickly.


Maddie ordered the traditional and massive Vietnamese Noodle Soup which is chicken broth, clear noodles, served with a side of bean sprouts and basil and chili sauce to dip. I went with a smaller but just as tasty order of the Chicken Vermicelli which is seasoned chicken served over rice vermicelli noodle, fresh bean sprouts, lettuce, cucumber and a side of nuoc mam sauce. It wouldn’t be Vietnamese without ground peanuts sprinkled on top!

Bubble Tea and Hot Doctors

Bubble Tea and Hot Doctors

Now, the food was amazing, but if you like drinks we recommend trying one of the several flavors of bubble tea Number 1 Pho offers.

So if your tastes buds are up for a cultural escapade and you don’t mind eating soup with chop sticks (as Maddie soon found out was more difficult than it looked), we definitely recommend having your munch on your lunch at Number 1 Pho, especially since it’ll only cost you a mere 10 bucks, (we promise if you dine by us, you’ll never feel that wallet crunch).

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