Spring 2022 makeup trends

By Becky Raspe

As the weather begins to warm up and Northeast Ohio starts to see more sunshine, makeup trends are leaning toward sun-kissed, peachy looks to complement the season.

The professionals at The Powder Room Makeup Oasis & Boutique in Woodmere suggest pairing a warm bronzer with a light flush of rosy blush to the cheeks, and a clear lip gloss over a rose-toned lip-liner, or flesh-toned lip gloss for lush, juicy lips.

If you really want to flex your makeup skills, use your blush and contour as eyeshadow to bring the whole look together.

Think dewy, warmed up skin, paired with glossy lips and glitter eye shadows that can reflect the sun’s rays as you enjoy more time outside this spring.

Girlactik Matte Bronzer in Cabo. | Girlactik
FACE Atelier Ultra Blush in rosewood.
A sun-kissed, peachy look created by the professionals at The Powder Room Makeup Oasis & Boutique in Woodmere. | The Powder Room Makeup Oasis & Boutique
FACE Atelier lip pencil in cameo. | Face Atelier
Girlactik Metallic Eye Sparkle Shadows in drama, sexy, glam, love and shimmer. | Girlactik
Surfer Girl Hawaii’s DIAMOND CRUSH LIP GLOSS in 01. | Surfer Girl Hawaii

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