The Hair Down There

The Hair Down ThereCaroline Rothstein, a NY based writer, performer, eating disorder recovery advocate, and sisterhood contributor at Forward just finished her latest article, “The Hair Down There.” It was published on Narratively this morning where her readers can access it for free.

“The Hair Down There” is Rothstein’s way of exploring “why she is so quick to pull off her pants and expose herself to a stranger in the hedonistic and masochistic ritual that is the bikini wax,” she says in the intro.  Being a feminist, she starts the article off by sharing with us two reasons why she gets a bikini wax.

I claim to do this for myself, not my long-term male partner, or anyone before him, or any social expectation. Second, the only times I ever got a Brazilian waxes, removing almost all pubic hair, were during the year and a half in college where I was deliberately celibate and only my hands, and my vibrator, and my full-length mirror saw my crotch.”

Rothstein surveyed 42 of her male and female friends asking them for suggestions on where to start on dissecting waxing culture. The article focuses on if people wax for themselves or others. She got responses such as, waxing proves to have “control and power” over your own body, and a few that dug into the topic a bit deeper, like this one,

“It is amazing how often what happens between our legs and underneath our clothes gets debated. One day I hope that will go away and we can all choose what we want to [do] with out bodies without a political debate.”

Rothstein is widely known for her YouTube channel BodyEmpowerment, her video Fat, was even retweeted by Lady Gaga. Rothstein hosts twitter chats and blogs for numerous sites. Stay up-to-date with Rothstein via twitter @cerothstein or her website,


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