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Hanukkah and Thanksgiving — sorry we mean THANKSGIVUKKAH — is a short 37 days away. If you haven’t been keeping up with the news, Nov. 28 is the only day it will be acceptable to dip turkey in hummus, since the two holidays coinciding is NOT GOING TO HAPPEN AGAIN FOR SOME 70,000 YEARS.

Knowing the average lifespan of a person is roughly around 80 years old, there’s a fat chance this will be your only chance to celebrate THANKSGIVUKKAH. That is of course unless you’re planning to freeze dry yourself, so you can eat matzo balls and pumpkin pie while floating in space.

In other words, JStyle has schlepped together the highlights thus far for Thanksgivukkah season so you can clip a feather to your kippah and get in the spirit . . .


The term Thanksgivukkah was coined in Boston by Dana Gitell who also started the first ever Thanksgivukkah Facebook and Twitter accounts.


It would not be Hanukkah without a menorah, and it wouldn’t be Thanksgiving without a turkey, so it wouldn’t be Thanksgivukkah without a MENURKEY. Yes. . .somebody went there, and that somebody was a kid from New York, who is going to be buying his own Hanukkah presents this year because he is making headlines everywhere.

Meet Asher Weintraub, CEO, creator and designer. He is entering the 4th grade.



thanksgivukkahteeOf course, it wouldn’t be an official holiday without official holiday gear, and we aren’t talking ugly sweaters people. . .

Available from ModernTribe these tees are 100% American made and 10% of the proceeds go to MAZON: A Jewish Response to Hunger. Gitell, who trademarked the term, is also responsible for the t-shirts! You go girl!


Obviously, “Eight Crazy Nights” is out of the picture, Thanksgivukkah is no holiday to be messed with. Rabbi David Paskin, also from Boston, wrote this song: “The Ballad of Thanksgivukkah.”


buzzfeedthanksThanksgivukkahsilverwareBuzzfeed, being the ultimate lister of all listers, came up with recipes for this holiday mash up that are unheard of:

How is one supposed to eat a latke stuffed turkey anyways? With wooden Thanksgivukkah forks, that’s how!




Now you can’t forget that Thanksgiving in America is a day of beer and football for most of the lovely mensches in our lives, which is why Dan Brosgol put together 6 Beers for Thanksgivukkah.



Wag of the Finger… INDEED!

Tuesday, Oct. 8, a certain someone proclaimed to the world that Thanksgiving was under attack. . .

What Stephen Colbert doesn’t understand is that our people do not back down. We made it out of Egypt, crossed the Dead Sea, and now have a land of our own. . .

So Colbert, you say a hand menorah cannot be done, … CHALLENGE ACCEPTED! You can take your gravy kayak and go float down the Cuyahoga because Thanksgivukkah is happening!

HandMenorahThink you can draw a better “Hand Menorah” than Stephen Colbert? Then do it! Send your drawings to Jstyle@jstylemagazine.com and whomever submits the best drawing, we’ll give them something cool! Finger wag at yourself, Colbert.

Gobble Tov!

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