From Dreidels to Wishbones: THANKSGIVUKKAH

A kick-off to Hanukkah with eight nights of candles, latkes and turkey?

Yes, that’s right! For the first time in history, Hanukkah and Thanksgiving are falling on the same day… Thanksgivukkah



Facebook: Thanksgivukkah

Twitter: @Menurkey

Twitter: @Menurkey

On Nov. 28, both Jews and Non-Jews across America will be feasting and rejoicing for many of the same reasons. Thanksgiving paired with Hanukkah is a chance for all us to celebrate the religious freedoms that make our country great — whether you’ll be lighting candles, carving a turkey or doing both!

There’s already a Facebook page devoted to Thanksgivukkah, with a corresponding Twitter account: @Thanksgivukkah. Twitter has been buzzing about Thanksgivukkah for weeks now, there’s even an account for The Menurkey (menorah + turkey).

Stay up-to-date with and find out the best recipes that make both holidays special, quirky ways to spin your dreidel, what Jews think of breaking the wishbone, and much more! We even have a second-by-second countdown to Thanksgivukkah at the bottom of the site!

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We want to know…how will you combine your eight crazy nights with turkey? Email your thoughts to Andria at

One comment to “From Dreidels to Wishbones: THANKSGIVUKKAH”
One comment to “From Dreidels to Wishbones: THANKSGIVUKKAH”

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