3 Twitter Accounts Every Jew Should Follow

1. Modern Seinfeld @SeinfeldToday

Started by Jack Moore and Josh Gondelman, two young gents in their 20’s, @SeinfeldToday is a parody account that tweets about current events as if they were from Seinfeld episodes filmed yesterday. They launched the account back in December 2013 and now have over 600,000 followers. Moore is now sports editor for Buzzfeed since @SeinfeldToday went viral!




If you’re Jewish, you have probably been waiting for @JewBoyProblems to retweet one of your tweets, or you read his tweets out loud to your friends (then laugh and think, “Dude..It’s so true, pass the shmear”).



The 23-year-old behind the account that has over 22,000 followers, still remains anonymous (Mashable.com says he is Seth-Cohen look alike). @JewBoyProblems has spent the last two years continuously tweeting about everything from bar mitzvahs, to how hairy he is to jokes about bagels. It wouldn’t truly be “JewishBoy Problems” unless he tweeted about Jewish mothers… (#TextFromMomTuesday). FYI: He even got a job from this parody account.








@urbanJAP tweets live from New York City. This parody account is for all the Jewish girls out there who got one too many Tiffany’s bracelets for their Bat Mitzvah and don’t eat anything frozen… unless, of course, it’s fro-yo.

Sarah Soloman (@sarahsolfails), the mastermind behind @urbanJAP has befriended @JewBoyProblems, as they tweet at each other daily.


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