Do It Yourself Artist: My Silent Bravery

My silent braveryWith big Jewish names making their way through Cleveland like Mac Miller, Asher Roth, Matisyahu, and Drake, feels the need give our readers the latest news in the Jewish music scene.

Matt Wade, a native of Boston, decided to pursue his passion of music after a sports injury in 2001. Wade’s first song “Side of the Road” (release date unknown) was played on The CW’s “One Tree Hill.”

Wade formed his band, My Silent Bravery, in 2010. He is a DIY (Do It Yourself) type of artist who just last year released his album, “Can’t Quit Deluxe Edition,” produced by Anthony Resta (“Collective Soul,” Elton John). The album features Wade’s track, “To Give,” with Grammy-nominated artist, Matisyahu.

Wade is not signed to a label but is endorsed by guitar company Gibson. He continues to produce and release new music independently and never stops touring. According to, Wade is currently “putting the finishing touches on its new full length LP, entitled Diamond from Coalthat is set to release this fall.

For more music by My Silent Bravery, check out its YouTube Channel or visit its website.

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