Closet Coordination

By Megan Roth

A valet rod displays an outfit inside a walk-in closet.
Photos / California Closets

One of Northeast Ohio’s draws is its changing seasons. But with a closet full of clothes for the ever-changing weather, it can be challenging to organize it all. 

Wendy Clawson, marketing and public relations coordinator at California Closets – which has locations in Woodmere and Brooklyn Heights – shares with Jstyle tips for how to make the most of your wardrobe by maximizing closet space.

Organizing your closet by season is a practical way to keep your clothing accessible and well maintained throughout the year. Clawson recommends starting by sorting your clothes by season, packing away the past season’s pieces and organizing items by type and color. 

“Even your socks have seasons, so don’t forget those, too,” Clawson says.

Dividers help ensure all garments in a drawer are visible and accessible.

When rotating seasons, one tip is to repair, clean and refresh your clothes before packing them away. Clawson says making a list of what you need to replace can be a great way to hit end-of-season sales to fill the holes in your wardrobe. 

Then, decluttering your closet is the best way to start organizing. Consider what clothes are working for your lifestyle, and donate or repurpose anything that isn’t, Clawson notes. A good rule of thumb is to do away with clothes you haven’t worn in the last year. 

And, when rearranging your closet, keep your essentials easily accessible. For example, body suits, leggings and jeans can be styled for any season.

A sliding belt rod provides a place for belts to be easily accessible and discreetly stowed away.

Optimizing what’s in your closet takes planning. An organized closet can ensure you won’t wind up wearing the same five outfits every week. Clawson recommends planning your outfits in advance and taking photos to remember them. Specifically, a valet rod – which attaches to the side of a closet and slides in and out – is a great place to hang tomorrow’s outfit, she notes. 

A valet rod can slide in and out of the side of a closet.

And, to make the most of your wardrobe, consider switching the hangers backwards on items you’ve worn recently.

“An organized closet makes all the difference in your day-to-day routine,” Clawson says. 

A pull-out scarf rack can help prevent wrinkles.

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