Be Bold

Modern art inspired nail art by Manifest’s Julianne Aprile. 

By Abigail Preiszig

People are ditching their basic manicures and getting creative with nail art this season, says Jamie Spaid, founder of Manifest at the Van Aken District in Shaker Heights.

“A lot of people are having so much more fun with it now,” Spaid notes of nail designs. 

 Leopard print with mix-and-match designs on each nail by Aprile. 

Emerging nail art trends include swirl styles, modern art, leafy florals for fall and leopard print designs. And, no finger is exactly like the last with the popularity of “mix-and-match” nails, she explains. 

“They’re just playing around with different designs on each nail,” Spaid says. “It doesn’t necessarily have to match.” 

Swirl design nail art by Aprile. 

Halloween nails remain favorable for fall with spider webs and matte black polish among the most popular asks. 

As for this season’s go-to colors, “any shade of brown is in,” Spaid says, along with olive colors and deep burgundy.

Nail art design with a leafy twist for fall, designed by Manifest’s Julianne Aprile. Photos courtesy of Manifest.

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