Summer 2022 nail trends

Pretty patterns

By Becky Raspe

Everyone loves a good accessory, no matter their gender. This summer, consider accentuating one of our built-in accessories – our nails. Anyone can fashionably sport a good manicure, and according to Jamie Spaid, founder of Manifest at the Van Aken District in Shaker Heights, there is an emerging trend for every style this summer.

While most trends point to patterns and prints, individuals can play it up or tone it down in any way they like, with wild prints or floral motifs that Spaid says are “a great way to spice up your basic manicure,” or going the minimalist route, which she says “is trending in a big way.”

“You can’t go wrong with adding a little shimmer to the already classic neutral manicure,” she says of accented minimalist nails.

For those who want a happy medium of wild and reserved as a way to usher in a fun summer, Spaid says rainbow French tips are also a popular choice in beauty circles for the season.

“French manicures have been making their way back into the nail scene for quite some time now, but trust us, this is not your mother’s French,” Spaid says. “You’ll be seeing vibrant tips all summer. The coolest part is it’s completely customizable. Pick one color or 10 – this is the one thing you can’t overdo.”

No matter the direction you go, Spaid makes one thing clear – “have fun with it.”

“I think people now more than ever are having a ‘why not, it’s just nails?’ kind of attitude, and it’s so much fun,” she says.

Photos by Manifest

Minimalist reverse French tip manicure with a gold accent done by Manifest’s Jenna Ross.
Rose manicure with dainty floral accent nails by Manifest’s Megan Kofol.
Rainbow French tip manicure by Manifest’s Bryana Mitchell.
Wild animal print nails with yellow, black and blue accents by Manifest’s Julianne Aprile.
Retro-inspired nails with pink, orange and yellow wave accents and a floral motif by Manifest’s Julianne Aprile.
Neutral print-mixing manicure by Manifest’s Julianne Aprile.

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