Spring 2023 home decor trends

Alluring accents

By Megan Roth

As the gloomy shades of winter fade into the vibrant colors of spring, it’s the perfect time to give your home a refresh. And, it could involve simply incorporating fun accent pieces.

Laura of Pembroke at Pinecrest in Orange is a one-stop shop for stylish home décor. Lauren Bosworth Ransdell, co-owner of the furnishings, gifts and women’s fashion store, tells Jstyle what to look for this season.

Contemporary fixtures

Incorporating elements of organic, modern style is an easy way to keep your home fresh. A hybrid between modern minimalism and natural beauty, this style revolves around clean lines, rounded shapes and smooth surfaces that are accentuated with natural materials like wood or stone. With a blend of modern and nature-like elements, the style is consistently praised for its timelessness, Bosworth Ransdell says. Light fixtures can be a great way to introduce this trend without having to undergo major renovations. An asymmetrical shape, branch chandelier or rattan material could be used to bring more interest into a space than a traditional dining room light.

Photo / Laura of Pembroke

Similarly, blending elements from different styles for a more eclectic space can help make a room unique and timeless. A chandelier, for example, is a very traditional design element. But putting it in a room with more contemporary elements, like a high gloss finished credenza or soft fabrics, can create an interesting yet classic space, she says.  

Photo / Laura of Pembroke

Dramatic seating

Often, a space is viewed horizontally, filled with items from wall to wall. But chairs with height that fill the room from ground to ceiling can add drama and flair to a space. Dome chairs – arm chairs topped with a distinctive dome – are both traditional and cozy. Their height can be used to beautifully complement a two-story ceiling, filling it vertically. The chairs are practical as well: Their domes can be used to insulate sound, making them a good choice for a centrally located open room, Bosworth Ransdell says.  

Photo / Laura of Pembroke

Colorful attributes

With the return of sunny skies and colorful blooms, spring is a great time invite color into your home. It doesn’t have to be permanent, though. If you’re not ready for the commitment of painting a room, accent chairs are a great way to add color into a space. Laura of Pembroke offers accent chairs in shades of blue, green, pink, yellow, red, brown, white, black and gray. Accent chairs also come in unique patterns, shapes and fabrics, such as cheetah print or fur. If a pink chair seems a little bold, but you’re still looking to add a pop of pink into the space, a throw pillow is a great route to take, Bosworth Randsell says. And in all sorts of shades and textures, a throw pillow can provide either a neutral tone to subdue a bold color, or add a bold color to liven up a neutral color. “We love adding furry, cozy pillows to any space,” she says. “No one likes a boring, uncomfortable throw pillow.”

Photo / Laura of Pembroke

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