Sophie Shiloh

Sophie wears a navy sequin pencil skirt by Dorothee Schumacher paired with a silk band collar blouse by Vince, with a sterling silver pendant necklace by MAOR, all from Kilgore Trout in Woodmere.

Age: 30

Hometown: Cleveland

Work: Design consultant at RH in Beachwood

About me: I’m passionate about pretty much everything. Some of my favorite places are Barcelona, Marylebone, Rechavia, New Orleans and NYC. I love “Tim & Eric & Wonder Showzen,” but I also listen to recordings of the World Economic Forum’s annual meetings. I want to live 17 lifetimes within the one that I’ve been given. My immense appreciation for life/for tiny miracles baffles people: “If you appreciate everything so much, doesn’t that devalue everything?” No. It does not.

Qualities I’m looking for in a partner: You must be hilarious, ambitious, scary smart, deeply kind and good, and adventurous. You must have a lust for life, a generous spirit and a fear of Disney adults. My partner’s happiness is important to me and I want my happiness to be important to him, too.

Turnoffs or deal breakers: There’s nothing less sexy than impatience, entitlement and a heart that isn’t truly pure and good.

My bubbe would describe me as… In her words, “You’re funny, charming, charismatic, beautiful, smart, wry, hardworking, clever, determined, quick-witted, lithe, gracious, talented, generous, lovable, humble, mysterious, delightful, fiercely loyal and too good for the human race.” Word for word. I’m best friends with both my grandma and my savtah. Soulmates. In love. I’m blessed.

Kosher or non-kosher dating habits: Not kosher

Celebrity crushes: Kevin Kline in the “Big Chill,” Zach Galifianakis, Lee Pace, Jason Momoa, and the one and only Paul Rudd … I like ‘em kind-hearted.

Song I belt in the car: “Return of the Mack” … obviously

Favorite Jewish holiday: Pesach. The more unreasonably long the seder, the better. If I’m not driving home at 4 a.m. then I don’t want to be involved.

At a Jewish wedding you’d find me… Making sure the family is actually enjoying themselves instead of trying to manage everything. My specialty is forcing anxious family members to be present and have an amazing time.

Last trip to Israel: 2019. This is the longest I’ve gone without a visit maybe ever. I’m long overdue.

Favorite bat mitzvah memory: Preparing my dvar, dancing barefoot in the grass, cleaning up with everyone after the gigantic dessert table somehow collapsed … it was an unforgettable day.

Favorite place for drinks: Velvet Tango Room or Bar 32

Favorite place for dinner: Luca

Do you have a dating horror story?: Every woman does. If there is any justice in this world, one day I’ll make millions on a screenplay about my stories – we all will.

Hidden talent: None of my talents are hidden.

Favorite part of Jewish Cleveland: The Jewish community in Cleveland just feels like a huge family. Very grateful that I grew up somewhere with such a tightly knit network of people who care about each other so deeply.

To connect with me, the best way is… At

Photography: Casey Rearick / Casey Rearick Photo

Fashion: Jessica Simon

Hair and Makeup: Ramona Dauksa Studio

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