Report: Cleveland ranks No. 2 for singles

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By Jane Kaufman

Cleveland trails only Detroit – and by less than 1% – as the leading hot spot to find a date, according to RentCafe, which based its findings on using U.S. Census data to rank cities by their number of single households.

RentCafe is a national apartment search website, which identified the top 30 cities headed by singles in a Feb. 8 report, published ahead of Valentine’s Day Feb. 14. The U.S. Census Bureau’s 2019 American Community Survey was used to rank the cities.

Cleveland ranked second, with 72.4% single households. Detroit was first with 73.1%.

Three other Ohio cities made the top 30 list as well:

• Dayton, with 68.9% single households, ranked fourth behind Rochester, N.Y.

• Cincinnati, with 66% single households, ranked 13th.

• Toledo, with 62.7% single households, ranked 28th.

Columbus didn’t make the list.

“Recent Census data showed that almost half of U.S. adults are single, which translates to roughly 127 million people across the nation – there is plenty of fish in the sea, as the old saying goes,” RentCafe’s report by Laura Pop-Badiu reads. “This is especially true in Detroit, Mich., Cleveland, Ohio, and Rochester, N.Y., the top three hotspots with most single adults and, thus, the places with the highest chances of finding a date, according to our analysis of U.S. cities with the highest percentage of single households. And, with all three being large cities with dense populations and countless entertainment options for the dating scene, they check plenty of boxes for singles ready to mingle.”

RentCafe’s story pointed out that southern cities may be more desirable for the number of entertainment venues.

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