Popular floral trends for this year’s weddings

Photo courtesy of Sharon Thompson

By Meghan Walsh

Black and white weddings are making a comeback this year, especially in the floral details.

Lowe’s Greenhouse in Bainbridge is bringing back old favorites by curating classic arrangements, says Sharon Thompson, florist at Lowe’s.
“They have some color, but I’ve seen quite a few (clients) wanting to do the black and white weddings, maybe with a touch of gold in it,” Thompson says. “They’re going classic – more flowers than greens, wanting pocket squares instead of the boutonnieres.”

Thompson shares with Jstyle Weddings some more trends and classic floral styles popular for 2023 weddings and beyond.


Mothers of the guests of honor are starting to carry small bouquets in lieu of corsages, Thompson says.

And at the venues, there are three types of centerpieces Thompson sees most often. 

“(Clients) like a small, short arrangement; they like candles for the second arrangement; and then the third, they like the highs,” she says. “It kind of evens out the cost a little bit, instead of having all the tall-type arrangements.”

Harlow stands, which are tall centerpiece holders supported by four bars, have become increasingly popular, Thompson says. They prop flowers and allow guests to see each other from across their tables.

“I’ve seen a couple (clients) that want the ‘Eiffel Towers’ back, too,” she says. Eiffel Tower centerpieces are tall, thin vases that prop up bouquets.

Photo courtesy of Sharon Thompson


As for colors, Thompson has seen blush and white trending this year. And as fall weddings approach, couples are opting for autumn colors.

“The fall weddings, of course, want the fall leave colors – the orange, the terracotta, the reds, the rusts, the burgundies, those kind of colors,” she says.

The recently popular unconventional colors and styles have begun to fade though, she says.

“I think we’re getting away from a lot of the boho, pampas grass, that type of stuff,” she says.

Thompson expects in the coming year, classic themes will remain and some modern twists, such as subtle pops of color, will be incorporated among the blacks and whites.

“I see more blues coming in,” she adds.

Photo courtesy of Sharon Thompson


Floral designs hold great importance in weddings, Thompson notes.
“It brings it all together,” she says. “We use the same flowers throughout so that the theme goes from the ceremony to the cocktail hour to the reception.”

At ceremonies, she has seen an increase in “garden walks” as wedding parties make their way down the aisle.

“Instead of just the pew bows that used to be in the past, or the pew decorations, (the florals are) more down at the base of the chairs that are going down,” she says. “They’ll be little garden scenes that line up so you’ll have gardens on each side of the aisle.”

Flowers also add aesthetic effects to wedding photos, she says.
“They can have just the basic bride and groom bridal party there, but when you have the flowers behind it, it really adds the ambiance of the whole theme of the wedding,” Thompson says.

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