Marla Silberman

Marla wears a blue cotton midi dress by tyler böe from Lisa Moran Ltd. 

Age: 62

Hometown: Solon

Synagogue: My most recent affiliation was Celebrating Jewish Life

Work: Gino’s Jewelers

About me: I am a hopeless romantic. Kind, thoughtful and funny. I love football, dogs and pizza. I like to believe that chivalry is still alive. I enjoy music, travel and outdoor activities.

Favorite place for dinner: Il Rione, Little Italy and Crumb & Spigot

Favorite place for drinks: Momocho, the patio at Cru Uncorked or one of our local wineries

Qualities I’m looking for in a partner: Someone who has a sense of humor, and is kind and considerate. Loves dogs, enjoys music and Big 10 football. Not afraid to hold your hand.

Turnoffs or deal breakers: Cats! Dishonesty.

Kosher or non-kosher dating habits: Not kosher

Celebrity crush: Brett Goldstein (as Roy Kent in “Ted Lasso”), Tony Bennett

Songs I belt in the car: “Boogie Shoes” and “Respect”

Favorite Jewish holiday: Passover because my friends and family make mandel bread for everyone we know.

Hidden talent: Cooking my bubbe’s recipes

Favorite bat mitzvah memory: (Not mine but) at my daughter’s bat mitzvah, she got up on stage with the band A-to-Z and started singing a Beyoncé song “Single Ladies,” and got the party started.

Favorite part of Jewish Cleveland: It is a close-knit, wonderful community where you always feel welcomed. It’s home to me.

To connect with me, the best way is… I prefer a phone call, so I can hear your voice.
Publisher’s Note: If you’d like to connect with Marla, send an email to Jstyle at and we’ll help make that phone call connection. 

Photography: Casey Rearick / Casey Rearick Photo

Fashion: Jessica Simon

Hair and Makeup: Ramona Dauksa Studio

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