Jstyle Weddings spotlight | Emma Rose & Max Shulman

Haley Aldean Photography

How did you meet?  

We have a mutual friend who has been trying to set us up with different people since high school. Nothing worked out in the past, but this friend suddenly thought to herself, “Hey, I know two Jewish people!” And the rest is history.

Do you have any interesting stories to share about getting to know one another?  

Back in 2016, when Max went to Miami University, I (Emma) was visiting my friend (the very one who introduced us) there. At a party, this friend took a video of the both of us. The video resurfaced on our social media memories just weeks before Max and I met. The video, though neither of us remember it clearly, is the beginning of a very beautiful love story.

How long did you know each other before you got married? 

For exactly one year.

When did you know you wanted to marry your partner?  

Emma: I knew I wanted to marry Max when we went on our first date together. Since Max was living in Seattle at the time, we only met in person about a month after our first FaceTime date. Our first in-person date solidified everything for me.

Max: Emma took off work (and) drove me all the way downtown to get my COVID vaccine when I was feeling nervous about after effects. For some reason that is when I really knew I loved her. She showed me selflessness and humility that day.

Haley Aldean Photography

What was the best part of wedding planning?  

Wedding planning can be stressful, but with the help of our families and our coordinators, it made it much easier. The best part was knowing that we’d be marrying each other.

How did the COVID-19 pandemic affect your wedding plan and wedding day? 

Thankfully it did not. My (Emma’s) grandparents (ages 94 and 86) got really sick with COVID a few months before the wedding, and we were all really nervous that they would have to miss it. But they came and had a great time along with everyone else!

Was there any spot-on advice you received prior to the big day, either in terms of the wedding or lasting relationship? 

The best advice we got was to really soak up the day and take it all in. Something common that people say about their wedding day is that it was a blur, and neither of us wanted that. We wanted to enjoy our day and every moment possible together.

Haley Aldean Photography

Were there any conflicts between the two of you or your families in the planning process? Did either of you have to make any sacrifices? 

The biggest argument we got in was about the food. One of us wanted an all kosher wedding, and the other wanted half and half. We decided to do all kosher. The best part was that the food was the talk of the town at the wedding.

What was the most fun or interesting Jewish aspect of your wedding/partnership? 

We are from very similar backgrounds, but we have taken very
different paths to get where we are now. I (Emma) am the first child/grandchild to have a formal chuppah in three generations after the
Holocaust. Max is the second in his family, but we have very different views on Judaism. What we have found to make work for us is having a common value system, and passing our values down to our future children.

“After a whole week of not seeing one another, and being surrounded by family and friends, seeing each other at the bedeken was the most amazing part of the day. We were both filled with excitement and emotion.”

-Emma and Max

Haley Aldean Photography

Emma Rose & Max Shulman

Wedding Day

Nov. 13, 2022 

The Madison | Cleveland


Ages: Both 26 

Hometown: Solon

Synagogue: Chabad Lubavitch (Solon & Beachwood) 

Haley Aldean Photography


Engagement: March 12, 2022

Officiant: Rabbi Moshe Gancz

Wedding colors: White and neutral

Wedding rings: Diamonds Direct

Veil: Radiant Bride

Haley Aldean Photography

Shoes: Chanel

Hair: Nora

Makeup: Monica Cambareri

Bridesmaids dresses: ASOS

Groom’s formalwear: Psycho Bunny

Groomsmen: We just told them to get all black suits. They did pretty well!

Bouquet/flowers/chuppah: Willows and Sage Flowers & Events (Anna Bolman)

Ketubah: Cynthia Kaufman Rose

Photographer: Haley Aldean

Haley Aldean Photography

Planners/consultants: Anna Bolman and EVER HAUS

Reception: The Madison in Cleveland

Cake/sweets/catering: Davis Kosher Caterers

Invitations/stationery: BP Print Group (invitations) and Empire Press (benchers and kippahs)

Music/entertainment: AY Nakdimen

Rentals: L’Nique (linens) and POMP (furniture)

Registries: The Knot

Honeymoon: We have not gone yet.

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