Garden-inspired decor pieces

By Becky Raspe

Though it’s warm out and greenery has returned, you are likely spending a good amount of time chilling at home.

To emulate an outdoor garden vibe, trends are pointing to bringing nature in the home – or at least garden-inspired decor pieces.

Professionals at Plantscaping & Blooms in Cleveland and Designers Furniture in Mayfield Heights suggest bringing the natural environment into all aspects of indoor living.

Potted plant with twig detail in chrome vase. | Plantscaping & Blooms
Standing plant with metal vase. | Plantscaping & Blooms
Assorted succulent arrangement in glass terrarium. | Plantscaping & Blooms
Succulent garden with mossy base in glass container. | Plantscaping & Blooms
Metal wall art resembling lotus leaves from Ripley. | Designers Furniture
New wave floral brown rug with gray, blue and orange flowers, and cream colored floral detailing. | Designers Furniture
Raw wood buffet table with metal accents from the Shasta Collection. | Designers Furniture
Raw-edge wooden dining table with metal legs from the Shasta Collection. | Designers Furniture

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