Daniel Margul

Daniel wears a light gray raw edge knit jacket by Eleventy, navy dot shirt by Sonrisa and light washed stretch jeans by Teleria Zed, all from J3 Clothing Company. 

Age: 36

Hometown: Downtown Cleveland

Work: Physician at Cleveland Clinic

About me: I am originally from southern Illinois but have spent the last several years in Chicago, Ann Arbor and Cincinnati while completing my MD, PhD and residency. I moved to Cleveland last year and am starting my second year of a three-year fellowship at the Cleveland Clinic in gynecologic oncology. Work keeps me busy, but I enjoy hiking, rock climbing and cooking/baking for others.

Favorite place for dinner: Zhug in Cleveland Heights

Qualities I’m looking for in a partner: Intelligence, ambition and an active lifestyle are great. It’s a plus if they are a foodie, but most importantly they should be kindhearted and have good family values.

Turnoffs or deal breakers: Flakiness, closed mindedness and not having an inquisitive mind. Basically, someone who doesn’t eat their vegetables.

My bubbe would describe me as…One would have called me handsome, and the other would have raved about how smart I am. They clearly had different priorities.

Kosher or non-kosher dating habits: Kosher

Celebrity crush: Aubrey Plaza

Hidden talent: I am a low-key avid baker and have made everything from 12-layer cakes to baklava to focaccia. I’m always looking forward to making new things.

At a Jewish wedding you’d find me… At the bar, and then on the dance floor. In that order.

Last trip to Israel: I have only visited once back in 2013 on Birthright. I would love to go back but haven’t been able to fit in an extended trip due to graduate school and medical training.

Favorite bar mitzvah memory: My mom accidentally wore the same outfit as the band at my bar mitzvah party. We have lots of great pictures.

Favorite part of Jewish Cleveland: I like that there is an active Jewish young adult community that is welcoming to Jews of all backgrounds.

What song do you belt out in the car when no one else can hear: I am not much of a belter. I’d rather be your backup singer.

What’s your favorite Jewish holiday and why: Passover. I always liked how the Seders brought the whole family together.

Favorite place for drinks: Velvet Tango Room in Cleveland’s Tremont neighborhood

Do you have a dating horror story? Of course! If I didn’t, then I probably wouldn’t have volunteered for this. If you’re curious, it involved moving a couch and making a carrot cake.

To connect with me, the best way is… Instagram @danielmargul

Photography: Casey Rearick / Casey Rearick Photo

Fashion: Jessica Simon

Hair and Makeup: Ramona Dauksa Studio

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